Our sampling probes are recognized in the nuclear industry and adapted for all type of sampling in single-point or in multi-points.


Quality and durability

High level of finish

Customized manufacture

The best price

Technical caracteristics

Design and manufacture based on requested measurements.

Complete probes with flange and nozzle(s)

Probes are available for single-point or multi-point sampling

Design in stainless steel 316L which accepts all type of dust and gas (radioactive or polluted).

Roughness lower than 0,8 µm

Isokinetic probes guaranteed

Compliance with the norms ISO 2889, NFX 44052 , EN 13284/1…


Our sampling probes are installed on chimney or on filtration systems to enable :

– The quality monitoring of rejects in the atmosphere

– The measurement of the efficency of filtration and ventilation systems.

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