• H3R 7000 : Tritium Condenser – Advanced Trapping of Atmospheric Tritium in Vapor Form

    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The H3R 7000 is a revolutionary device for sampling tritium in the air, capable of capturing a representative sample of tritium in vapor form in ambient air in less than 40 minutes.
    • HIGH PRECISION: The collected sample achieves a minimum detectable activity (MDA) of tritium in the air up to 0.01 Bq per cubic meter.
    • EFFICIENT OPERATION: The H3R 7000 captures tritium in the form of water vapor through a process of cryogenizing the water vapor from the ambient air, ensuring accurate measurements.
    • REAL-TIME MONITORING: Measures and records the absolute humidity of the ambient air in g/m3 in real-time.
    • EXCEPTIONAL ADVANTAGES: 100% tritium trapping efficiency, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allows multiple consecutive samplings in one day, guarantees 100% active samples, easy to use and transport, and offers data traceability.
    • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Developed under a French patent filed internationally by the National Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (I.R.S.N.) and the School of Military Applications of Atomic Energy (E.A.M.E.A./French Navy).

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