Present for over 30 years in the instrumentation market

Expertise and Innovation at the Service of the Environment

Founded in 1991, SDEC France has primarily established itself as a distributor, offering a complete range of environmental, monitoring, and measurement equipment from renowned brands such as Eijkelkamp, In-Situ, and others. Located 30 km south of Tours, our headquarters includes a modest manufacturing and prototyping facility. Our expansion to Rousset in 2017 underscores our commitment to serving a growing clientele in various regions.


To equip and empower organizations and individuals in their environmental protection, monitoring, tracking, and measurement efforts with reliable and high-quality equipment and solutions.


Our vision is to be a key contributor to global environmental and scientific advancements, providing cutting-edge tools that enable research, analysis, and sustainable development.

Diversified Product Portfolio

Global Brands, Local Reach

SDEC France stands out with its diversified range of products from global leaders in environmental and scientific equipment, catering to various aspects of environmental study and monitoring.


Supporting Scientific Efforts

Our selection of advanced tools and equipment from brands like Eijkelkamp and In-Situ reflects our commitment to innovation and quality in environmental science and research.

Customer-Focused Approach

Meeting Diverse Needs

By serving a wide range of clients, from research organizations to educational institutes, we focus on providing tailored solutions that align with the unique requirements of each client, ensuring their success and progress.

A Legacy of Progress: The Journey of SDEC France

Since its inception in 1991, SDEC France has charted a remarkable path of progress and adaptation. Starting as a small distributor, the company quickly distinguished itself with its commitment to quality and customer service. Over the years, SDEC has navigated changes in the environmental and scientific landscape, adapting its approach and expanding its offerings. Key milestones in its history include the expansion of its operational facilities and establishing significant partnerships with industry leaders. Each stage in SDEC’s history reflects an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in serving its diverse clientele.

Here to Advise You

The SDEC sales team is recruited, trained, and organized to ensure a high level of expertise, ready to advise you.

Specialists in Measurement

Since 1991, we have been marketing measurement and sampling equipment converting us in a major player in our market.

An Independent Player

We are an independent SME, dedicated to our customers and offering overarching services.

in France

Our own products are designed and assembled in France.

Ils nous font confiance


Bénéficiaire : SDEC France
Montant(s) financier(s) de l’aide (cout total + aide européenne) : 588 320 € dont 264 744 € de FEDER

Description du projet : Le projet Motris a pour ambition de proposer un nouveau dispositif pour la surveillance environnementale du tritium dans les effluents atmosphériques des installations nucléaires de base.

Cette opération est cofinancée par l’Union Européenne. L’Europe s’engage en région Centre-Val de Loire avec le Fonds Européen de Développement Régional

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