Standard tensiometers
. Tensiometer tube
ref. SMS 2000 regardless of the pressure sensor used (SKM 850, SKT 850, SMS 2500S, STE 600)
. Complete Tensiometer with bourdon manometer
ref. SR 1000
Specific tensiometers
. Microtensiometers with flexible tubes, SMS 2000S
. Combined tensiometer & lysimeter, ref. TENSIONIC

Made of silicone, this stopper has a cavity filled with special self saling material.

This stopper type can withstand up to 500 prickssuccessively (see SMS 2500S device).

We recommend to replace this stopper after 24 months on the field.

Warning : when closing a tensiometer tube with this stopper, you will increase the internal air pressure of the tube by pushing on the stopper with your hand. Be careful not to damage a pressure sensor which can be fixed to the tube (ref. SKT 850 for example).

The standard set

This product is sold by standard packs of 10 pieces.

 Does the needle create an air leak ? 

A negligible amount of air can enter the SMS tensiometer tube when poking trough the silicon stopper but without consequences on the measurement. After taking out the pressure sensor, the silicon stopper will seal back leaving a perfeclty airtight tube. It can stand more than 600 pockings.

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