What do I measure ?

Water Infiltration rates


Hydraulic conductivity/water potential relationship in soils.
Infiltration studies, civil engineering, road making…

The 20 cm diameter tension infiltrometer SW 080B is designed to measure the unsaturated flow of water into soil rapidly, accurately, and easily.

In this model, the infiltration disc has been taken out of the water tower. Then, even under windy conditions, your infiltrometer is much more stable and you gain accuracy.

The water level in the reservoir can be read on the attached centimeter scale, or determined by measuring the tension in the upper end of the water reservoir. Tension (negative pressure) in the air pocket at the top of the water reservoir is linearly related to the height of water in the reservoir. Thus, infiltration rates can be monitored by recording tension changes measured with a hand held pressure transducer ref. SMS 2500S or logged with a data logger and two electronic pressure transducers, ref. SKT 850.

Water reservoir :
length : 81 cm, inside diameter : 5,1 cm.
Bubbling pressin membrane air entry value : 30 cm H2O (about 30 hPa).
Housing : plexiglass and polycarbonate.

(*) The Nylon membrane can be sold as a spare part.

Key Advantages



Separate infiltration disc for greater stability.
Low volume of water.
Adjustable tension.
Flow rates read directly out of the water column or with an optional pressure transducer.
Possible monitoring.
Polycarbonate and plexi-glass materials.
Replaceable NYLON mesh screen membrane.

The standard set

The equipement is delivered ready to use with water reservoir & membrane.

Additional pressure transducers, either hand held or electronic, and vacuum pumps must be ordered separately

You also need

. The use of this equipment will be easier if you add a pressure transducer, either ref. SMS 2500S hand held, or electronic and fixed to the reservoir, ref. SKT 850. A vacuum pump, ref. PAV 2000 for calibration.

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