• HAGUE 7000 – Carbon 14 Bubbler with 4 Pots (with Oven)

    • OPTIMAL MONITORING OF CARBON 14: The HAGUE 7000 effectively monitors atmospheric C14, capturing gas and organic compounds from various sources.
    • ADVANCED OPERATING PRINCIPLE: Uses bubbling in a soda solution to trap gaseous C14 and similarly oxidizes organic C14.
    • PRECISE MEASUREMENT: Accurately determines the volumetric activity of C14 in the air, with a 100% trapping efficiency for CO2 and 94% for CH4-CO2 conversion.
    • COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARDS: Designed according to NF ISO 20041-1 standards for maximum efficiency and ergonomics.
    • OPTIONAL COOLING FUNCTION: Cooling system available, maintaining the trapping solution at 7°C for consistent performance.

     · Nuclear Power Plants

     · Nuclear Research Centers

     · Radioactive Waste Storage and Treatment Sites

     · Laboratories

     · Incinerators

     · Decommissioning or any industries incorporating Carbon 14

  • H3R 7000 : Tritium Condenser – Advanced Trapping of Atmospheric Tritium in Vapor Form

    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The H3R 7000 is a revolutionary device for sampling tritium in the air, capable of capturing a representative sample of tritium in vapor form in ambient air in less than 40 minutes.
    • HIGH PRECISION: The collected sample achieves a minimum detectable activity (MDA) of tritium in the air up to 0.01 Bq per cubic meter.
    • EFFICIENT OPERATION: The H3R 7000 captures tritium in the form of water vapor through a process of cryogenizing the water vapor from the ambient air, ensuring accurate measurements.
    • REAL-TIME MONITORING: Measures and records the absolute humidity of the ambient air in g/m3 in real-time.
    • EXCEPTIONAL ADVANTAGES: 100% tritium trapping efficiency, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allows multiple consecutive samplings in one day, guarantees 100% active samples, easy to use and transport, and offers data traceability.
    • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: Developed under a French patent filed internationally by the National Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (I.R.S.N.) and the School of Military Applications of Atomic Energy (E.A.M.E.A./French Navy).
  • MARC 7000 – Tritium Bubbler: Atmospheric Monitoring System with 4 Pots (With Oven) for Trapping Tritium in HTO, HT, and OBT Forms

    • EFFICIENCY: The MARC 7000 monitors atmospheric tritium, capturing vapor and gas, with oxidation in an oven.
    • PERFORMANCE: 99% HTO trapping efficiency and 98% oven conversion efficiency for precise tritium monitoring.
    • INTEGRATED ADVANCED FUNCTIONS: Offers adjustable airflow, real-time display of various parameters, automatic regulation, and default data storage. Designed for user-friendly operation and accurate readings.
    • PERFORMANCE: Automatic air flow regulation, durable diaphragm pump, and 316L stainless steel circuit.
    • INTEGRATED ADVANCED FUNCTIONS: Adjustable air flow, automatic regulation, real-time display, and anomaly storage.
    • OPTIONS FOR ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITY: Cooling circuit, pressure regulator, Ethernet connectivity, and alarms.
    • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Suitable for the nuclear industry, research centers, waste storage, and laboratories.
    • SUPPLIER CONFIDENCE: Officially supplied to major organizations such as IRSN, the French Navy, EDF, ANDRA, CEA, and internationally to IAEA and various nuclear power plants.
    • CERTIFICATION: NF ISO 20045 & NF ISO 20041-1

     ·Nuclear Power Plants

     ·Industrial Use of Tritium

     ·Research on the Impact of Different Contamination Levels

     ·Radioactive Waste Storage and Treatment Sites



  • PRC 14: Maintenance Pump – For Cleaning Pipes for HAGUE 7000 CARBON 14 Bubbler

    • RELIABILITY: PRC 14 self-priming centrifugal pump with a 150-hour motor life, operates continuously without cooling.
    • VERSATILITY: Specifically designed for HAGUE 7000 bubblers using a diluted acid solution. This operation dissolves and evacuates the solid deposits that have accumulated inside the Ø 3 mm stainless steel pipes and in the drilled block, mainly between pots 1 and 2. It is ideal for various applications, ensuring efficient capture of atmospheric 14C.
    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Equipped with an ABS impeller, stainless steel motor shaft, and nitrile seal, ensuring longevity and resilience with a constant flow rate of 10l/h.
    • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Maximum consumption of 60 Watts, operates ideally at 12-15 volts DC, compatible with 12V battery.
    • ECONOMICAL SOLUTION: Offers reliability and performance at an attractive price.

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