Manual Vacuum Pump with Manometer – SPS 400

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  • VACUUM PUMP PRINCIPLE: Designed for use with the SPS 200 system for soil solution extraction.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Sturdy construction in bronze, rust-resistant metals, stainless steel for durability.
  • USE WITH SHORT TUBES: Suitable for 50 cm tubes, ideal for shallow depth sampling.
  • VACUUM CAPACITY: 50 cm³ vacuum volume for effective negative pressure and sample extraction.
  • PRECISE EXTRACTION: Pump combined with SPS 200 for reliable soil solution extraction, crucial in soil surveillance and study.
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– Principle –

The vacuum pump is designed to be used in conjunction with the SPS 200 soil solution sampling system, compatible with tubes of 31 mm and 63 mm diameters, reference SPS 200. This pump plays a crucial role in creating a vacuum necessary for extracting soil solutions via the SPS 200 system.


– Features of the Pump –

High-Quality Materials: The pump is constructed with robust and durable materials, such as bronze, rust-resistant metals, and stainless steel, ensuring its longevity and resilience in various field conditions.

Use with Short Tubes: It is specifically designed for use with tubes of a maximum length of 50 cm, making it suitable for shallow soil sampling.

Vacuum Volume: The pump has a vacuum volume of 50 cm³, indicating its capacity to generate sufficient negative pressure for the effective extraction of soil samples through the SPS 200 system.

Combining this pump with the SPS 200 system enables precise and reliable extraction of soil solutions for environmental analysis, making this device essential for professionals in soil monitoring and study.

– About SDEC –

SDEC is your global partner for SDEC solutions in radioprotection. Welcome to the world of SDEC France, a leader in environmental and scientific solutions for radioprotection in more than 21 countries. Since 1991, SDEC France has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of equipment for environmental study and monitoring.

Additional information

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Vacuum at 250 mbar, or -750 mbar adjusted, conventionally, to a defined atmospheric pressure of zero mbar.

Integrated Battery

12 Volts – 5A/hour, sealed lead type (maintenance-free).

Integrated Battery Charger

An intelligent-type battery charger is integrated into the main case. The battery is recharged by simply plugging in the mains cord (220V/50Hz).

Charging Time

About 7 hours.

Charge Indicator

Three-colour L.E.D diode (red/orange/green: charge levels). Charging is current-based, allowing it to be done at any time without damaging the battery. The charger will only supply the missing charge to the battery without any risk of overheating the unit.

Number of Charge/Discharge Cycles

About 400, before battery replacement is needed.

Vacuum Gauge

Bourdon type with mechanical brake. (0; -1bar). Accuracy: 1.60%.


The pump has a Gore-Tex type filter to protect the pump from accidental water ingress (note, this filter is only effective for short water exposures and must be dried before the pump can be reused. It is not effective for prolonged pumping).

Pump Weight

5 kg.



Front Panel

Removable type for quick access to the GORETEX filter.


L : 200mm / largeur : 130mm / Hauteur : 240mm
Air Inlet Nozzle Diameter: 8 mm

3-Position Switch

Battery charging / Off / Pump operation.

Electric Autonomy

About 5 hours of continuous operation, equivalent to vacuuming 350 sampling rods of the SPS 200 type, 63 mm in diameter and 50 cm in length, in field conditions. In field operation, the pump more than meets the needs of a large 12-hour experiment day. This autonomy is doubled if the extraction rods are 31 mm in diameter.


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Manual Vacuum Pump with Manometer - SPS 400