Battery Operated Field Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000 : For soil sampling

  • RAPID VACUUM CREATION: Achieves a vacuum of -750 mbar in less than 15 seconds, significantly speeding up soil sampling.
  • HIGH AUTONOMY & PORTABILITY: Offers 5 hours of continuous operation with a lightweight and durable aluminum design for convenience in the field.
  • INTEGRATED SMART CHARGING SYSTEM: Includes a maintenance-free 12V, 5A/hour battery with a smart charger for easy recharging.
  • PRECISION & PROTECTION: Equipped with an accurate Bourdon-type manometer and a Gore-Tex filter to guard against water ingress.
  • COMPACT & EASY TO USE: Compact dimensions (200mm x 130mm x 240mm) with a simple three-position operational switch.

 · Vacuum creation in soil solution extraction rods (ref. SPS 200)

 · Vacuum creation for effective water degassing in TENSOMETRY (ref. SMS 2000, SR 1000, STM 2150, etc.).

 · Any applications where rapid vacuum creation is sought

Goretex filter, set of 4

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Manual Vacuum Pump with Manometer - SPS 400

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– Principle –

With a completely new design, this electric vacuum pump for field use offers unparalleled comfort in soil solution sampling experiments using the porous ceramic method or others.

Lightweight and with remarkable electrical autonomy, the PAV 2000 vacuum pump assists field technicians in creating a vacuum in the sampling rods. Thanks to a particularly efficient flap pump, a vacuum equivalent to -750 mbar() is achieved in less than 15 seconds in a medium-length rod (75cm). As a result, and compared to manual pumps, field sampling sequences are executed much more quickly, eliminating the fatigue associated with manual pumping and thus greatly increasing efficiency. ()-250 mbar on P.A.

– Key Advantages –

Great electrical autonomy

– About SDEC –

SDEC is your global partner for SDEC solutions in radiation protection. Welcome to the world of SDEC France, a leader in environmental and scientific solutions for radiation protection in over 21 countries. Since 1991, SDEC France has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of equipment for environmental study and monitoring.

– FAQ –

Are there specific advantages of the Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000 over manual pumps in terms of operational efficiency?

Yes, the Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000 offers several advantages over manual pumps. Its rapid vacuum creation allows for faster soil sampling, and its high electrical autonomy means it can operate continuously for about 5 hours. This efficiency, combined with its compact and durable design, makes it a superior choice for fieldwork, reducing physical effort and saving time.

How do I replace the battery in my Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000, and can I rely on SDEC for this service?

For replacing the battery in your Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000, you can directly contact SDEC's customer service. They provide reliable support for battery replacement, ensuring that your pump maintains its high performance and efficiency. The process is straightforward, and the SDEC team will guide you at every step.

What kind of customer service can I expect from SDEC regarding the Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000?

SDEC offers comprehensive customer service for the Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000. This includes technical support, usage advice, and assistance with any questions or issues you may encounter. Their team is dedicated to ensuring you have a smooth experience with their product.

How does the ease of use of the Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000 compare to manual pumps?

The Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000 is significantly easier to use compared to manual pumps. It reaches a vacuum of -750 mbar in less than 15 seconds, greatly speeding up the soil sampling process. Its lightweight and portable design, along with a simple three-position switch, make it user-friendly and less laborious than manual alternatives.

Additional information

Flap-type vacuum pump

Vacuum at 250 mbar, equivalent to -750 mbar, adjusted by convention to an atmospheric pressure defined as zero mbar.

Integrated battery

12 Volts – 5A/hour, sealed lead type-(maintenance-free-Sealed-).

Integrated battery charger

An intelligent type battery charger is integrated into the main housing. The battery is recharged by simply connecting the power cord (220V/50Hz).

Charging time

About 7 hours.

Charge indicator

By three-color L.E.D diode (red/orange/green: charge levels). Charging can be done at any time without any damage to the battery. The charger will only deliver the missing charge to the battery without any risk of overheating the unit.

Number of cycles (charge/discharge)

About 400, before battery replacement.

Vacuum indicator gauge

Bourdon type with mechanical brake. (0; -1bar). Accuracy: 1.60%.


The pump has a Gore-Tex type filter to protect the pump from accidental water entry (note, this filter is only effective for short water exposures and must be dried before reusing the pump. It is not effective for prolonged pumping).

Pump weight

5 kg.


aluminum monocoque chassis.

Front panel

Removable type for quick access to the GORETEX filter.


L : 200mm / largeur : 130mm / Hauteur : 240mm
Air inlet nozzle diameter : 8 mm

3-Position Type Switch

Battery charging / Rest / Pump operation.

Electrical Autonomy

Approximately 5 hours of continuous operation, which, in field conditions, equates to creating a vacuum in 350 SPS 200 type sampling rods with a diameter of 63 mm and a length of 50 cm. In field operation, the pump easily meets the needs of a large 12-hour day of experimentation. This autonomy is doubled if the extraction rods are 31 mm in diameter.


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Battery Operated Field Electric Vacuum Pump PAV 2000 : For soil sampling