Standard Pressure Set de Tensiometre with pressure gauge “Bourdon” SR1000

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  • Great ease of use.
  • Easy and quick maintenance.
  • Simple reading of potentials.
  • Water trap on the manometer.
  • High robustness.
  • “Non-detachable” ceramic.
  • Very low price.
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– About the Product –

Recognized as the premier method for measuring soil water potential, the tensiometer has become an essential and practical field tool for the agronomic and agricultural sectors. The SR1000 tensiometer, a robust and particularly economical model, operates on the “BOURDON” type manometer principle. This measurement principle, both easy to implement and highly reliable, will provide numerous services, both in the field for irrigation management and as a control instrument for hydric potential in support of scientific experiments. It has a very long lifespan and requires almost no maintenance. The simultaneous use of “non-detachable” type ceramics allows you to extend your experiments significantly without the need to refill the tensiometer with water.


– Features –

  • Range: 0 to -90 cbar.
  • Ceramic: 1 bar standard (fast ceramic optional and on request)
  • Manufacturing materials: Transparent PVC for the tensiometric rod.
  • Water trap: trapping system to maintain the liquid in the “BOURDON” manometer, thus significantly reducing the influence of temperature on the manometer reading.
  • Operating temperature: from +5°C to +70°C.
  • Storage temperature: if the tensiometer is completely empty of water, this temperature range goes from -20°C to +70°C. If the tensiometer is stored filled with water, storage can be done from +5°C to +60°C.
  • Use of the SMS type folding skirt cap to enable the use of the SR 1000 tensiometer with the SMS 2500 S electronic sensor.

Tensiometre SR1000 (1)

– Accessories –

Equipped vacuum pump. (ref.:STM21750)
Colorant liquid. (ref.:STM21302)
Anti-algae liquid. (ref.:STM21310)
Rod cap (silicone). (ref.:TENS22013)
Installation auger (Ø:22.5mm)
Length 1.50m in one part (ref:STM21600)
Length 1.20 m in two parts (ref:STM21602)
Tap wrench (ref:STM21603)
Extension of 50 cm (ref:STM21604)
Extension of 1 meter (ref:STM21605)
Operational part of the auger: 12 cm
Total length of the tool: 60cm (ref:STM21606)



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Tensiometre SR1000 (1)

Standard Pressure Set de Tensiometre with pressure gauge "Bourdon" SR1000