AS 4000 et AS 4500 Aerosols & Iodine Sampler

  • Iodine and aerosol trapping in compliance with the NF ISO 2889 standard
  • Automatic air flow regulation from 20 to 100 Nl/min (from 30 to 100 Nl/min for AS4500)
  • Mass flow meter: standardized airflow
  • Reporting of fault alarms via T.O.R. relay contact (Ethernet optional)
  • Visual indicator of start-up and pump activation
  • Safety: lockable electrical cabinet
  • Measurement of filter clogging level or potential leaks
  • Ergonomic design with 2 handles for transportation
  • Available in non-servo version: AS 4000 or servo version: AS 4500

– AS 4000 and AS 4500 

The AS 4000 and AS 4500 allow for aerosol and iodine sampling using cartridges and paper filters. These samplers trap particles and iodine in atmospheric discharge ducts or ventilation extraction ducts. The AS 4000 and 4500 have numerous functions, such as regulating the sampling flow with standardized air flow or measuring the clogging of filters with adjustable alarm thresholds.

Echantillonneurs aérosols et iode AS 4000 et AS 4500 (1)

– Main Functions 

  • LCD screen with backlight display: flow, volume, duration, pressure drop, and operational status
  • Flow rate setting from 30 up to 100 Nl/min
  • Resetting of volume and sampling duration
  • Continuous measurement of pressure drop in paper filters and cartridges
  • Setting of warning thresholds
  • Visual indication of proper operation
  • Setting and calibration menus with protected access
  • Isokinetic adjustment program
  • Remote reporting of operational status via T.O.R output
  • Remote communication via Ethernet (optional)


– Technical Features –


Metrological Specifications

  • Menu for calibration and control of the flow meter and pressure sensor
  • Flow and pressure values verified with COFRAC-certified standards


Aerodynamic Specifications

  • Thermal mass flow meter: constant, normalized air flow, displayed in Nl/min
  • Sampling flow rate from 30 to 100 Nl/min
  • Continuous measurement of sampled air volume in Nm3
  • Continuous measurement of sampling duration in hours and minutes
  • Continuous measurement of pressure drop in mbar
  • Flow rate setting program
  • Warning threshold setting program
  • Isokinetic adjustment program

Remote Communication Specifications

  • T.O.R output via two integrated reversing relays
  • Ethernet option via ModBUS TCP-IP protocol, RJ45 type connector


Electrical Specifications

  • Screen: blue backlit LCD with four lines
  • Visual indication of proper operation via light column
  • Audible warning via integrated buzzer
  • Indication of power button activation by LED
  • Indication of pump start/stop button activation by two-color LED
  • Mains supply: 230 Volts / 50 Hz
  • Standard type E mains plug
  • Max. power: 270 Watts
  • Differential circuit breaker protection (30 mA)
  • 4-20 mA input
  • Protection rating: IP11


Mechanical Specifications

• Inlet/outlet connection: quick stainless steel fittings
• Dry vane air pump
• Tubular chassis in aluminium alloy
• Independent, lockable electrical cabinet
• Wall or floor mounting
• Dimensions (W x H x D) = 530 x 1244 x 304 mm
• Weight (with sampling head): 34 Kg
• EPOXY powder paint decontaminate
• Ambient operating temperature: +2°C to + 45°C
• Storage temperature: 0°C to + 50°C


Sampling Head Specifications

• Anodized aluminium body
• Honeycomb-type aluminium filter holder grid with tightening ring
• Connection via quick stainless steel fitting
• Paper filter: Ø 47 mm, 50 mm or Ø 130 mm (other Ø consult us)
• Activated carbon cartridges for iodine sampling: Ø 57 mm (standard)


Additional Supplies: to be adapted for each duct or chimney

• Isokinetic probe and connection lines (consult us)
• External flow meter with 4-20 mA output to be installed on the duct or chimney and connected to the AS4500 to ensure isokinetic sampling in case of ventilation flow variation (consult us)



Additional information


AS 4000, AS 4500


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Echantillonneurs aérosols et iode AS 4000 et AS 4500 (1)

AS 4000 et AS 4500 Aerosols & Iodine Sampler