AS 5000 Portable Aerosol & Iodine Sampler DPRC Type for Air Flow Regulation – Maintenance-Free Design

  • HIGH-QUALITY SAMPLING: The AS 5000 excels in aerosol and iodine sampling, fully compliant with NF ISO 2889 standards.
  • ADJUSTABLE AIR FLOW: Microprocessor for airflow setting from 30 to 100 liters/minute, customizable options.
  • EASY FILTER HANDLING: TPHP head for easy installation and retrieval of filters, without interrupting the air circuit.
  • EASY DATA TRANSFER: Transmits data via Ethernet, an available option.
  • PRECISE MONITORING: Tracks sampled air volume and alerts for clogging and leaks, with audible and written reports.

AS 5000 Portable Aerosol & Iodine Sampler DPRC Type for Air Flow Regulation

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Option Ethernet Modbus TCP / IP

L'option Ethernet de l'AS 5000 améliore l'accès et le transfert des données. Les utilisateurs peuvent aisément transmettre leurs données collectées via Ethernet, simplifiant leur récupération et analyse.

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TPHP Sampling Head for Cartridges Ø 57 and Filter Ø 50

The TPHP head allows for quick installation and retrieval of filters on the AS 5000. With a simple action of the handle, the head releases the cartridge drum and the paper filter holder without any disconnection of the head from the air circuit.

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Case for AS 5000

  • Dimension : 1300x650 mm
  • Height : 650 mm, incl. padding

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Annual Preventive Maintenance for AS 5000

Trust us to provide excellent service for optimal performance of your equipment.

Warranty Extension - 1 year - AS 5000

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– Operating Principle –

The AS 5000 is an advanced system for sampling aerosols and iodine, using paper filters and cartridges. Compliant with ISO 2889 standards, it is a reference model among DPRC (chimney-connected sampling devices).

Its functions include regulating airflow according to standardized norms, monitoring filter clogging with adjustable alarm thresholds, and data transmission via Ethernet.

Automatic regulation of air flow up to 90 Nlitres/minute
Mass flow meter: standardized air flow
Safety: Aerodynamic and electrical cabinets separated with lockable closure
Measuring the level of filter clogging or potential leaks
Remote alarm reporting via T.O.R. contact (Ethernet optional)
Available in a fixed version (wall-mounted) or a mobile version on wheels.


– Enhanced Safety –

An audible alarm is triggered if the sampling flow rate does not conform to the set parameters. The device also has a T.O.R. output to remotely signal any malfunction, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring. The accuracy of air flow measurements is guaranteed by a hot-wire mass flow meter.


– TPHP Sampling Head –

The TPHP head, designed for the AS 5000, facilitates the installation and retrieval of filters. It allows for the quick release of the cartridge drum and the paper filter holder, without the need to disconnect the head from the air circuit.


– About SDEC –

SDEC is your global partner for SDEC solutions in radioprotection. Welcome to the world of SDEC France, a leader in environmental and scientific solutions for radioprotection in over 21 countries. Since 1991, SDEC France has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide range of equipment for environmental study and monitoring.



– FAQ –

What are the electrical specifications of the AS 5000?

The AS 5000 operates with a power supply of 230 Volts / 50 Hz and has a maximum electrical consumption of 450 Watts. It includes an integrated differential protection of 30 mA for electrical safety.

What does the AS 5000 offer in terms of monitoring and safety?

The AS 5000 ensures precise monitoring by measuring the volume of sampled air and monitoring filter clogging or potential leaks. It also features audible alarms and relayed fault reports for increased safety.

How does the AS 5000 facilitate data transfer?

The AS 5000 is capable of transmitting all collected data via Ethernet communication, which is an optional feature for efficient data transfer.

Can you describe a feature that facilitates the handling of filters with the AS 5000?

Certainly, the AS 5000's TPHP head allows for quick installation and retrieval of filters without needing to disconnect them from the air circuit, simplifying filter handling.


How is air flow controlled in the AS 5000?

The air flow in the AS 5000 is regulated by a microprocessor, allowing for an adjustable air flow rate from 30 to 100 litres/minute, with customizable options available.

To what standards does the AS 5000 comply for aerosol and iodine sampling?

The AS 5000 is fully compliant with NF ISO 2889 standards for aerosol and iodine sampling.

Additional information

Mass Flow Meter

standardized air flow


Backlit blue LCD 4 lines

Simultaneous Display

-of the air sampling flow rate
-of the duration and volume sampled since the last reset
-of the pressure difference inlet/outlet of the sampling head (clogging)
-of the operational status

Mains Power Supply

230 Volts / 50 Hz

Maximum Power

450 Watts


Differential protection circuit breaker (30 mA)

Paper Filter

Ø 50 mm ou 76 mm


Ø 57 mm


Monocoque chassis in aluminium alloy

Footprint (L x h x P)

438 x 924 x 298 mm


35 kg

Operating Ambient Temperature

+2°C à + 45°C

Storage Temperature

-5°C à + 50°C


Case lockable with a key


Decontaminable EPOXY powder paint


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AS 5000 Portable Aerosol & Iodine Sampler DPRC Type for Air Flow Regulation – Maintenance-Free Design